Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gears of War, What Can I Say

Play It before It Dies

Gears of war has been a great series of games and the online player count has been dropping and dropping, this game needs to be played more.

Gears of War is a game based on the human race fight an kind of alien race called the Locust who have been living in the earths crusts. One year the Locust hordes decide to claim the surface for themselves and the human race already broken by a human on human war must join togather to fight back the Locust Hordes.

The main character in the campaign is Marcus Fenix, a huge tank of a guy who is part of the humans army called the COG (coalition of ordered governments) and is who you play as throughout all three games.

The Gears Multiplayer experience is unique as the game is in 3rd person and uses a fantastic cover system which is well intergrated into the game. There are few weapons at your disposal but there are also power weapons dotted around the maps which can be picked up. The lack of weapons is not detrimental to the game as you will spend many hours trying to master the first two weapons you start with. 

Gears of War is a great series with a great set of games and i suggest you go and play them as you will thoroughly enjoy them 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Forge, It's Great!

Get Building!!!

Halo has always been a successful series but when Bungie added a fantastic new mode into there game called forge, it really got things going.

Forge first appeared in Halo 3 and the creators wanted people to make the pre-existing maps there own but the ever creative Halo players made the most stupid and amazing things, race tracks where made, wacky infected zombie games and also some great 4v4 arenas.

Most if not all in-game editors on the console have usually been fails but forge has showed itself to be the best. The most recent edition is forge 3.0 which is shipped with Halo 4 and it contains many new features allowing players to go even more over the top in there map creations.

I think Halo's Forge is a great map editing tool and I hope other games will learn from forge how to create a really good map editor and forge can only get better in the next to installments of the Halo Reclaimer trilogy. So if your bored then (and own halo) then get on forge and make something amazing!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Underrated and Unloved

Battlefield Needs Your Support

Battlefield has been a successful series in the gaming world as it provides the player with an immersive battlefield experience but in recent years the game has he out sold by other games such as Call of duty and Medal of Honour.

Battlefield opens up the warfare experience by giving players huge maps and a variety of vehicles including tanks, helicopters and jets. Even sniping is different as players have to factor in bullet drop which to me is much more realistic yet no hassle, it works. The game also give players roles like medics, engineers and support players who can give aid to other players like repairing vehicles and healing other players.

I think more people need to play battlefield and see how different it is to other shooters. The latest and greatest game so far is Battlefield 3 which released in October 2011 had a good start but I feel it has been on a slow decline ever since the sale of Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. I don't feel it has been outsold because Call of Duty is better but because the publishers have spent more money on brand advertising. This annoys me as great games like Battlefield 3 are being pushed to the side by games which are just hyped-up and made to look better than they actually are.

All in all Battlefield is great and it's about time we all jump on it and play because it really deserves to be played.

Monday, 12 November 2012


This shits great!!!

Fifa has always been one of those games where you either love it or you hate it. it has always come down to whether you like football or you are massively against it and i think that it shouldn't be about that, i think everyone should play it because it is actually quite strategic believe it or not. i myself was flabbergasted when i realized that the game is actually good.

Fifa requires skill when playing the game, on the higher difficulties that is and this skill takes a bit of time to pickup as you have to learn how to properly pass, shoot, defend, counter attack and also make substitutions. Now people who have never really played Fifa or do not watch football won't know most of the players or even teams on the game but that doesn't matter, you learn as you play.

Multiplayer is where Fifa is at it's best as you are pitted against someone else around the world in a 1v1 game where each player picks there team and makes formation changes and player subs. This can be minorly confusing if like me your clueless about most things in the footballing world but it's ok as you can just start with the preset team and formation. When playing online, the skill that I talked about before will show in more experienced players as if you aren't the best at the game you will often find that you end with an embarrassing score of 8-0. But that's what makes the game great, you can learn the tactics and pickup the skill and slowly get better until you are the one owning all the noobs and whilst working your way up the fifa ladder you will enjoy what the game has to offer you.

so the next time your in town, you should pick up a copy of Fifa and play it because you will definitely want to carry on playing it once you start.

Swat Swat and Swat some more!!!

It's back and it's brilliant!

I logged in to my Xbox this morning to see that 343i have added the classic game mode of Swat finally. It takes away your shields and gives the player the option of three weapons, all precision and it's a one shot kill to the head.

 This game mode is all about your speed and accuracy and how quickly you can get that little reticle over your opponents head before they get to you. I have always loved the Swat game mode as it gives you a different way to play halo. The usual game types give you shields and a massive arsenal of power weapons and abilities but you see more raw skill in Swat which is why I love it.

I hope 343i will produce more game modes which give you a different way to pay halo, not that shield boosted superhuman Spartan death matches aren't good, just that a change is nice once in a while. I hope that the game mode will carry on to be played regularly and if you haven't tried your hand at Team Swat then I suggest you get on and get some head shots!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Blops, Here We Are Again

Black ops 2, can it keep the franchise alive!

This is my first post and im not really expecting that many page views but all i want is to voice my opinion on things i have a more than general interest in and by the title you can guess it will be on Xbox. Yes i said Xbox, like there isn't already a gazillion other blogs, posts, videos on the subject but im a fanatic so here i am.

The first main topic of the blog may as well be the release of the latest in the call of duty franchise, Blops 2 or black ops 2, this is a huge release for some and a pitiful attempt at a game which has overstayed it welcome for others. Now im a halo player, yes halo, call of duty's main rival although i have purchased and played every call of duty since big red one and that's going back so i know what to expect. To some Call of duty is a gift from god which must be played 24/7 and to others it's a piece of shit money whoring wanktastical game which has just been repackaged and resold with a new picture and title on the front of the box. I myself am inbetween the two as i think the call of duty franchise has brought out some fantastic games in the past yet i can't help but think that Infinity Ward and Activision are just after more money as they have released a new game every year. I think call of duty needs to step back and put some years into developing a proper game which has a new amazing story and new characters and a touch of Micheal bay explosivness mixed with a very solid multiplayer experience which has properly been rethought and not just added a new feature and called it games changing.

Now the developing company's which create these games have the potential to create a genre changing game, just think back to the days of COD 4 and 5, they where the shit. Everybody loved cod 4 because it introduced games into a new way of playing multiplayer games like customizable classes and perks, it even influenced the ranking system on most shooters from then on. COD 5 gave us nazi zombies an amazing, hectic, survival mode which pited you are three freinds against unending waves of infected nazi zombies and armed you with a huge range of cool weapons to own them with. Those where the days and ever since Modern Warfare 2 i think that call of duty has just gotten worse and worse and they need to really get there shit togather and make a great new set of games to release on the next generation consoles, they need to create something to give halo a run  for it's money.

I wish people who will purchase call of duty Black Ops 2 well and hope they enjoy it but i hope it will be the last from Activision for a few years.