Monday, 12 November 2012


This shits great!!!

Fifa has always been one of those games where you either love it or you hate it. it has always come down to whether you like football or you are massively against it and i think that it shouldn't be about that, i think everyone should play it because it is actually quite strategic believe it or not. i myself was flabbergasted when i realized that the game is actually good.

Fifa requires skill when playing the game, on the higher difficulties that is and this skill takes a bit of time to pickup as you have to learn how to properly pass, shoot, defend, counter attack and also make substitutions. Now people who have never really played Fifa or do not watch football won't know most of the players or even teams on the game but that doesn't matter, you learn as you play.

Multiplayer is where Fifa is at it's best as you are pitted against someone else around the world in a 1v1 game where each player picks there team and makes formation changes and player subs. This can be minorly confusing if like me your clueless about most things in the footballing world but it's ok as you can just start with the preset team and formation. When playing online, the skill that I talked about before will show in more experienced players as if you aren't the best at the game you will often find that you end with an embarrassing score of 8-0. But that's what makes the game great, you can learn the tactics and pickup the skill and slowly get better until you are the one owning all the noobs and whilst working your way up the fifa ladder you will enjoy what the game has to offer you.

so the next time your in town, you should pick up a copy of Fifa and play it because you will definitely want to carry on playing it once you start.

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