Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Underrated and Unloved

Battlefield Needs Your Support

Battlefield has been a successful series in the gaming world as it provides the player with an immersive battlefield experience but in recent years the game has he out sold by other games such as Call of duty and Medal of Honour.

Battlefield opens up the warfare experience by giving players huge maps and a variety of vehicles including tanks, helicopters and jets. Even sniping is different as players have to factor in bullet drop which to me is much more realistic yet no hassle, it works. The game also give players roles like medics, engineers and support players who can give aid to other players like repairing vehicles and healing other players.

I think more people need to play battlefield and see how different it is to other shooters. The latest and greatest game so far is Battlefield 3 which released in October 2011 had a good start but I feel it has been on a slow decline ever since the sale of Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. I don't feel it has been outsold because Call of Duty is better but because the publishers have spent more money on brand advertising. This annoys me as great games like Battlefield 3 are being pushed to the side by games which are just hyped-up and made to look better than they actually are.

All in all Battlefield is great and it's about time we all jump on it and play because it really deserves to be played.

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