Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gears of War, What Can I Say

Play It before It Dies

Gears of war has been a great series of games and the online player count has been dropping and dropping, this game needs to be played more.

Gears of War is a game based on the human race fight an kind of alien race called the Locust who have been living in the earths crusts. One year the Locust hordes decide to claim the surface for themselves and the human race already broken by a human on human war must join togather to fight back the Locust Hordes.

The main character in the campaign is Marcus Fenix, a huge tank of a guy who is part of the humans army called the COG (coalition of ordered governments) and is who you play as throughout all three games.

The Gears Multiplayer experience is unique as the game is in 3rd person and uses a fantastic cover system which is well intergrated into the game. There are few weapons at your disposal but there are also power weapons dotted around the maps which can be picked up. The lack of weapons is not detrimental to the game as you will spend many hours trying to master the first two weapons you start with. 

Gears of War is a great series with a great set of games and i suggest you go and play them as you will thoroughly enjoy them 

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