Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Forge, It's Great!

Get Building!!!

Halo has always been a successful series but when Bungie added a fantastic new mode into there game called forge, it really got things going.

Forge first appeared in Halo 3 and the creators wanted people to make the pre-existing maps there own but the ever creative Halo players made the most stupid and amazing things, race tracks where made, wacky infected zombie games and also some great 4v4 arenas.

Most if not all in-game editors on the console have usually been fails but forge has showed itself to be the best. The most recent edition is forge 3.0 which is shipped with Halo 4 and it contains many new features allowing players to go even more over the top in there map creations.

I think Halo's Forge is a great map editing tool and I hope other games will learn from forge how to create a really good map editor and forge can only get better in the next to installments of the Halo Reclaimer trilogy. So if your bored then (and own halo) then get on forge and make something amazing!

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