Monday, 12 November 2012

Swat Swat and Swat some more!!!

It's back and it's brilliant!

I logged in to my Xbox this morning to see that 343i have added the classic game mode of Swat finally. It takes away your shields and gives the player the option of three weapons, all precision and it's a one shot kill to the head.

 This game mode is all about your speed and accuracy and how quickly you can get that little reticle over your opponents head before they get to you. I have always loved the Swat game mode as it gives you a different way to play halo. The usual game types give you shields and a massive arsenal of power weapons and abilities but you see more raw skill in Swat which is why I love it.

I hope 343i will produce more game modes which give you a different way to pay halo, not that shield boosted superhuman Spartan death matches aren't good, just that a change is nice once in a while. I hope that the game mode will carry on to be played regularly and if you haven't tried your hand at Team Swat then I suggest you get on and get some head shots!

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